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Fallout 4 released in the UK on November 10th. Currently available to play on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Like most games of this caliber a collector’s edition was released for £100. In such demand, it is currently sold out and no further copies will be available as of yet.
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The game features an open world concept set in post-Apocalyptic Boston allowing you to explore the wasteland of the entire game. Settlement creation and power sources from your city can be used to power other settlements allowing you to create allies and increase relationships. The best part of the game is that all items that can be collected can be put to use in the game for either your weaponry or building and protecting your base.

After the drawbacks of the previous Fallout games, the inability to continue playing after the main story line was completed has been resolved in the newest game. Fallout 4 allows you to return and continue play without a cap on levels.

New features can be found throughout the game. More options are available for you to customize your character like being able to change hair, facial features, skin color, body weight and sex. The game’s seven attributes have expanded by having 10 perks increasing your game base play to 70. Within those 70 are multiple levels as well. The mission of the game is to ultimately decide the fate of the Commonwealth.

The best feature is that Fallout 4 will offer expansion packs or add-ons to keep your game playing going long after you have completed the main story line.

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