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Lords of the Fallen

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Lords of the Fallen Description

Lords of the Fallen is an action role playing game developed by Deck13 Interactive, a German video game company. It was released on October 28, 2014 for Microsoft Windows and current-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One. Critically This third person perspective game is frequently compared to Dark Souls due to its combat style and difficulty.

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Thanks to the next generation graphics, this game will provide you an astonishing experience of realistic gaming.

Unlike other action role playing games, it does not give you an option of customizing your characters appearance.You play as a already created protagonist named Harkyn, a criminal released from prison that is an only hope for defeating hordes of demons the awakening God summoned on Earth.

The game offers you a unique class system. There is a selection of 3 different equipment pieces that defines your class and three magic styles. Because of being able to combine class with magic style, you can create a versatile fitting style you enjoy playing. As for classes, you can be a brave warrior – a close combat fighter, a rogue that relies on its agility to defeat an opponent or if you prefer magic, you can be a helpful cleric – a magic supporter. As for magic style you can choose between the brawler style based on offensive spells, the solace style focused on defense or the deception style that focuses on tricking and injuring your enemies.You can purchase it in two editions: Standard Edition and The Collector’s Edition.

The Collector’s edition includes hardcover artbook, official soundtrack, cloth map and 3 DLC: The Monk’s Decipher, Lionheart Pack and Demonic Weapons Pack. The Monk’s Decipher will provide you an additional quest and a valuable item. Lionheart Pack contains 3 set items:- Courage Armor- A powerful hammer called “the Scream” – The Lion’s Head shield. Unlike Lionheart Pack, Demonic Weapons pack focuses exclusively on weapons. The pack contain a weapon for each class:- IHIR, a mighty sword that is as powerful for attacking as it is powerful for blocking.- MARGYR, a dagger that will bypass an enemie shield.- THEHK, a hammer that leeches magical. It is critically accepted with a fairly positive rating.

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