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Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition

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Minecraft PS4 Description

Minecraft is an independent computer game which was designed in 2009 by Markus Persson- a self taught Swedish programmer. According to Markus, this game now is being enjoyed by more than 100 million people. It was released on windows, Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation 3 as well as on some mobile phones. A free trial version was released on Xbox Live Arcade on May 9, 2012. Further, it was released on the Xbox One in September 2014 and after which it was released on PS4 a month later. The console editions of Minecraft was developed by 4J studios together with Microsoft studios and Mojang. It’s basically a game where the player digs (mine) and then builds (craft) different types of 3D blocks. This is done in a large world that has many different terrains as well as habitats to explore.

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The player finds him or herself in a world where the sun rises and sets- like in the real world- as he or she continues with his or her work, collecting materials and making tools. The world is also characterized by rain and sometimes lightning. There are animals that can be tamed, farmed or even used for food. Minecraft offers different modes for players. Depending on the mode you choose to play in, a need might arise for you to fight for survival against danger, hunger and bad guys. Minecraft is better off described as a sandbox game. This is where you are forced to create the game personally by manipulating the components within the world presented to you. Simply put, there aren’t specific goals or steps. This means that different people have varying experiences. Every time this game is played, a new Minecraft world is created. Players are also at liberty to customize their experiences by using many different options available to them.

Minecraft has managed to shift a huge 54 million copies and attracts hundreds of fresh converts daily since it was released in 2009. So far, it ranks 3rd in popularity as far as video games are concerned coming behind Tetris. Unlike other video games, Minecraft requires you to do many repetitive things to be able survive and create something interesting.

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