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Based on Billy Willingham’s award winning comic book series, The Wolf among Us is a sporadic interactive graphic adventure game that was contrived and published by TellTale Games, the inventors of the critically acclaimed video game, The Walking Dead. Under the distribution of both Interactive Entertainment and Vertigo studios, The Wolf among Us is definitely a resounding answer to those who thought that Walking Dead was more of a fluke.
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Telltales now signature moral dilemmas form the core of this interactive drama adventure game. As a point to click adventure game, the player is in control of the protagonist, Bigby Wolf. Throughout the gameplay the player is presented with the aptitude of making choices for the character’s action and movements. The first season of the game is made up of five episodes and was released on the 16th of October 2013, in the United Kingdom and entire Europe in general on the Microsoft Windows, Ios and X-Box platforms.

Another vital feature in the gameplay is the conversation tree, which has the aptitude to impact on the future events in the storyline. These choices and resolutions that the player will have to make, either based on the conversation tree or rather indiscriminately are recorded by TellTale and the general statistics of the gameplay are presented to the player after the conclusion of each episode.

The presentation of the statistics after each episode, in turn offers the player the ability to compare and comprehend his take of the story to that of others. In addition there are scenes that will require the player to respond drastically to a series of quick time events, especially the scenes that are action oriented. Failure to do this, may result to Bigby’s death or the death of another character in the storyline.

The game in general received positive reviews and ratings, with many critics praising the storyline, characters, action scenes and the atmosphere the game created. Other critics disparaged it for having very short episodes while others criticized it for having minor graphical glitches. MetaCritics gave it a score of 85 out of a possible one hundred while on the other hand it received a user score of 9.0 out of a possible.

With an amazing art style and a rather responsive and unsolidified control system, we can all attest to the fact that TellTale Games are not only extraordinary skillful but are also unrivalled at construing and execution of comics.

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