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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Description

The extremely popular video game, Wolfenstein: the Old Blood was released by Bethesda Softworks in the United Kingdom this past May 15th to a welcoming audience. Fans of the well-known game know that this is the prequel to the crowd-pleasing original, Wolfenstein: the New Order. For a little while out of an otherwise ordinary day the player temporarily becomes B.J. Blazkowicz. He brandishes new weapons, continues action-packed stories, and contains plenty of mind-blowing entertainment. What could be better than that?

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The premise of Wolfenstein: the Old Blood is that the main character embarks on a mission to Bavaria which is carried out over two separate but related parts. During the first part he breaks into a castle and makes off with the coordinates to a key general’s compound. In the second part Blazkowicz finds himself in the Nazi controlled city of Wulfburg. Here he must stop the evil villain from subjecting the citizens to an ancient dark power. Will B.J. be successful on his two missions? That is completely up to the person playing the game! Traditionally this is a single-player game. However, that player can have hours of entertainment while in “combat.”

Reviews of this game are somewhat mixed. Die-hard Wolfenstein fans think it is spectacular and give it an 8/10 rating. Those who have bestowed this rating love the brevity of how the main character sees great action without wasting time. Many people feel it is an excellent release of the player’s frustrations of life’s daily happenings. Yet other critics give it a lower score. While that is not horrible, the comments of these critics were a little harsh. They felt the zombie characters bring down the quality of the game. One or two critics feel that the Old Blood game does not adequately compare to or achieve what the first one did. However the bottom line is; if you are a fan of the Wolfenstein games, definitely pick up the Old Blood. You will not be disappointed.[/expand]

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