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From the makers of Halo & the company that brought you Call of Duty, comes another winner. Destiny is an online first-person shooter video game. Set in a mythical science fiction open world, Destiny brings alive an epic adventure with the richness of cinematic storytelling interface. The international version of the game was released on September 9, 2014 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One and for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on September 11, 2014. It is developed by Bungie, Inc. headquartered in Washington, United States.

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Destiny is set in an affluent period of exploration, peace and technology called the Golden Age. The game revolves around the long lost remains of an ancient solar system. You are the Guardian of the last city on earth, able to exercise incredible power. The mission is to explore the scattered ruins of our solar system, fight the brutal enemies & reclaim what is lost at the fall of the Golden Age. In the beginning, when colonization took place and humanity lived in peace, a miraculous era prevailed. However, the solar system inhabited some of the most malignant forces that despised humanity. Ruthless war machines and the deadly raiders test the Guardian’s skills and you must push your limits to excel in the battle against the cold blooded enemies.

Players get to choose a character and based on the class of the character, game play follows a unique trail. There are three classes available; Hunter, Warlocks and Titans. Each class has its own focus and capabilities to bring down the spiteful foes. Destiny allows both Single-player as well as Multi-player modes. Critical missions, ruthless battles with fellow guardians and endless exploration set the plot for a grand adventure.

Destiny received mixed to positive reception initially. However, on September 10, 2014, Activision claimed that Destiny was the most successful new gaming franchise of all time.

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