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Project CARS is a racing simulator. It was developed by Slightly Mad Studios, a British video game developer, while Bandai Namco Games is the distributor. The game was released in Europe on May 7th 2015, while the release date for America was the 12th of May. It is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PCs. The release for Wii U and Linux was postponed til later in 2015.
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Project CARS is an alternative in the console racing game genre that has been dominated by Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo. It differs from them because it features a sandbox style gameplay. Players get to pick between several different paths. Once chosen, all vehicles and tracks included are unlocked. Racing events last several days and include qualification and shakedown runs.
The game has 74 cars, 60 of which have been included at launch. It offers more than 110 courses and 30 locations, including several races from the real world as well as fictional ones.
There are four different ways to play the game. Career mode, Solo, Online mode and community mode. The Solo mode allows players to pick any track and race they wish to jump right into the action. In the career mode the player creates a persona of a driver going through the different tiers and trying to earn new contracts or sponsorships. In the community mode, the Driver Network, players can race against each other in time trial challenges.
The game has received several great verdicts, from websites such as IGN (8.9/10), GameSpot (8/10) and Destructoid (7/10). It has been called a deep and demanding game that still is user-friendly. According to IGN it looks great, sounds fantastic and feels even better. Besides small bug problems, the main complaint has been the AI, that seems to have consistency issues.
The ratings for the Xbox One version of the game haven't been as good as those of the PC or the PS4. This is due to frame rate drops, audio bugs and lower resolution, as well as bugs in the controls that can make it impossible to play on a controller.
These bugs are surely something the developer team will look into and shouldn't make you pass up on the game, if you are into Motorsport games.

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