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The Crew is a racing video game based on the United States that is set in an open world environment where the player can roam freely and has the freedom to choose how or when to approach the objectives. It was launched on 2nd December 2014 in the UK for Xbox one, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and not to forget the Xbox 360. The game was developed by Ivory Towers and Ubisoft reflections, it was published by Ubisoft who are famously known for games such as Watchdogs. This game also requires an internet connection for modes such as campaign and multi-player.

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The game revolves around protagonist Alex Taylor who is trying to infiltrate and subvert a criminal gang known as the 510s that has come to power through Detroit’s illicit street racing scene. The players mission is to build up his or her reputation in the street while sabotaging the gangs activity city by city in an all open United States. The player will maneuver through the sparkling cities of New York and Los Angeles, and let’s not forget the beautiful sunny miami beach. Each location comes with driving challenges that the player has to master. This game isn’t all about driving though because that would be boring, So to make it more enticing. The players will meet other people on the road over the course of the game, these people could prove to be allies to join with or foes to rival against. Silly me!!,I almost forgot that the players are rewarded in form of both XP and cash.

The Crew comes with different modes that try to cater for the needs of the different gamers out there.
1) Scavenger
This is a mode where the crew instructs the player to collect a lot of items available on the map.These items could later be used to buy upgrades, make you car even better and stronger or even be sold for money in the market.

2) Pursuit
Under this, the player finds himself in the urban streets of chicago. Here is where the fun begins because you will be playing catch-up, chasing trying to get to the other players. This mode can be played as a team or solo.

3) Escape
If you thought pursuit was good then this is even better. In this game mode,a player is allowed to perform illegal activities and later be pursued by the cop. And if you think this is just another Need for Speed, then you are wrong the police cars are driven by real people not dumb AIs. So real effort is needed.

4) Hill Climb
Just as similar as the word. The game mode involves you climbing up a steep hill while racing against opponents and getting major drift time in an attempt to pass tight curves

5) Take Down
If you are a fan of slamming into cars then this mode is for you. Basically what happens is you are at high speeds trying to slam an opponent’s car in the corner, in an attempt to make them meet their demise in a deadly crash.

The Crew received a bit of mix reviews,more good than bad though. It was praised for its immense world but disliked for its technical issues on its online game play, complex user interface and use of microtransactions. Despite that Game Rankings gave a 73.40% ranking for the Microsoft Windows version, 63% ranking for the Xbox version and 60% for the playstation 4 Version. Finally Eurogamer gave it a rating of 8/10. [/expand]

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