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Video Game Competitions

Every day, thousands of companies, websites, bloggers etc. run competitions, giving away a variety of prizes (including games and consoles!). Many of these competitions only require you to enter your name and email address to enter. Others require you to answer a, usually very simple, question.

Usually the more difficult the entrance requirements, the less entrants a competition will have. The less entrants a competition has, the better your chances of winning. Some competitions might require you to write a story, make a video, fill out a survey, take a picture etc.

One thing’s for sure, the more competitions you enter, the more likely you are to win something.

The list of video game related competitions below will be updated regularly.


UK Video Game Competitions


Closing Date – July 2016

Sony PS3 – Misco – 4/7/2016

Sony PS4 & Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – SciFiNow – 6/7/2016 – Ans: J.J. Abrams

Sony PS4 – Prize Reactor – 7/7/2016

Nintendo 3DS – OK Magazine – 7/7/2016

Nintendo 3DS – Daily Express – 7/7/2016

Sony PS4 – Daily Express – 7/7/2016

Xbox One – Daily Express – 7/7/2016

Nintendo 3DS – Daily Star – 7/7/2016

Playstation 4 – Star Magazine – 7/7/2016

Playstation 4 & Now You See Me Blu-Ray – GamesRadar – 14/07/2016

PS4 & £150 worth of Jacamo clothes – Jacamo – 10/7/2016

Shenmue SEGA Dreamcast Game – RetroPlayers – 18/7/2016

Wireless Gaming Headset – Games Master – 21/07/2016 – Ans: A) Yoshimitsu

A Zowie Gaming Bundle – Hexus – 29/07-2016 – Ans: BenQ

A Rare, Custom-designed Overwatch PS4 Console – Telegraph – 31/07/2016

Xbox One and FIFA 16 Bundle – The Prizes – 31/7/2016

Limited Edition Xbox One & Forza Motorsport 6 – The Car Loan Warehouse – 31/7/2016
Closing Date – August 2016

Xbox One S – GameSeek – 01/08/2016

Sennheiser PC 363D Gaming Headset – Daily Star – 07/08/2016

Xbox One – Daily Star – 07/08/2016

Xbox One – Daily Express – 07/08/2016

Playstation 4 – Daily Star – 07/08/2016

Playstation 4 – Daily Express – 07/08/2016

PS Vita – Daily Star – 7/8/2016

BLAZE TAB Gaming Tablet – Film News – 18/08/2016


Closing Date – September 2016

Xbox One – Getmeaticket – 14/09/2016


Why Companies Run Competitions

Now this is a question I don’t think many people ask. Why are all these companies running these competitions? The reasons vary.

They may want to grow their subscriber list. Many companies will add a check box to their competition form asking if you would like to subscribe to their newsletter. Other companies will require you to sign up to their newsletter just to enter the comp.

Other sites may want to get new users to their site. Holding competitions is great way for sites to advertise to potential new visitors/customers. Many people will share the competition on other sites and others will post about the competition on the social networks.

How many Competitions should you enter?

This is entirely up to you. Just remember that the more competitions you enter, the better your chances of winning something are.

I enter 10 or so competitions most days and have been lucky enough to have a few of these. I would recommend that you only enter a competition if you’d actually like to win the prize.That way, if you actually do win a competition, you’ll be happy to have done so.

I’ve seen a few instances where people have won tickets to concerts and all-inclusive holidays only to be unable to go as the dates didn’t suit. More often than not, prizes are non-refundable. If you’re not going to be able to take advantage of the prize, you might as well leave it for someone who actually wants it.


Tips for Entering Competitions

  • Set up a dedicated email address for entering competitions. Some competitions might require you to sign up to a newsletter or agree to receive emails from them. These emails can quickly clog up your inbox.
  • Only enter competitions that you’d be happy to win. Many prizes are non-transferable.
  • Speed up competition entry by autofilling forms.
  • Set up email filters.
  • Remember to check the opt-out box.
  • Set up social media accounts. Many competitions are available only to users on specific social media platforms. At the minimum I’d suggest having at least a Facebook and Twitter profile. You might also think about setting up separate profiles just for entering competitions.
  • Be organised. I like to keep track of the competitions I enter, usually by bookmarking the competition page.